We’ve Been Married For A Year And This Is What Our Life Looks Like (20 Comics)


I started creating these drawings for my partner and myself because I wanted to express my love beyond words! It was so much fun making them, so I kept drawing more and more for him and decided to share it with everyone too. With so much more to come, these are just a few illustrations.

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We Love Spicy Food!


So, since I was a kid, I’ve always been an artist and I’ve been really impressed with my favorite cartoons, comic books and games. I discovered my style through a lot of experimentation between American and Japanese anime, and I finally ended up with what you see today! In my heart, animation has always had a special place, because you can draw from real life or create completely different fantasies that do not apply to reality, and I have always liked the creativity behind it.


And So He Baked A Cake


Gaming Together


As far as my married comics go, in middle school my husband and I started dating and have been together ever since. In the past, I’d draw little doodles for him every now and then. To express my love for him, I started making more sketches of us and I realised how fun it is to draw my husband, myself, and the moments we share together. It was really nice to see the feedback that we get from others about How important our lives are and to see everybody share their love with each other. I don’t ever see myself stopping, and hopefully I can make a career out of it one day!


My Facial Expression When I’m Alone Vs. When I See You!


Seeing And Standing Next To Him Made Me Feel So At Ease And Full Of Happiness



I Love The Hugs I Get While I’m Working


Just Want To Have Clear Skin


What’s Love If Ya Can’t Joke Around With Each Other



Hot Vs. Cold


Deciding What Food To Get… Why Not Get Both!




 Tfw When Makin ‘Out With Your So And Your Pet Judges You Silently



On Steven’s desk, I love leaving little presents, but you know I had to have some of that candy


It doesn’t mean it’ll stop me from spooning just because the weather gets hotter.









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