20 Funny Comics That Shows Hilarious Conversation Between Dogs


In times of global pandemic, people have been restricted to stay at home to stay away from this virus. This just broke the whole world. Although vaccines are prepared to cure this virus, people are being cautious in their dealings. The most terrifying sight for humans is the search for a livelihood, as they have a family to feed. Without going to work, there is nothing that will make them get paid to survive.

In most cases we have no idea what we will do in the future or what I am supposed to do, where will I end up? All of this puts extra pressure on our mentality. All we want is to have a job no matter what, just to enter and earn a living. In all of this we forget why we were born into this world? What are we born to do? Because it’s easy if you don’t have a dream then there is no purpose in your life. Does not make sense.


Today we will meet you with an inspiring artist like this who took a turn and followed his passion. We are talking about an inspiring character named Henry James Jarrett, a comedian. Henry was attending a Ph.D. in philosophy, but suddenly thought it wasn’t what I was supposed to do, something was calling me. So he decided to drop his Ph.D. and follow his passion as a cartoonist.

We’ve rounded up some of his most hilarious comics here, which will bring a big smile to your face. Scroll down and have a look for yourself.







In his comics, he explains animals that say different things are insightful and hilarious to each other. Most of his comics are centered around a political theme. People love its uniqueness and creativity too. They find it related, which is what sets him apart from many other artists.






















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