20 Funny, Odd Comics Full Of Dark Twists That Prove Everything Is Possible


Dark jokes turn everything into amusements, just as good spices make foods tastier. Don’t you think that most cartoons today are hardly able to leave any unforgettable impressions in our minds without such ridiculous humor? exactly! If you want to refresh yourselves on dull days, it is definitely time to introduce you to Tony Esp, the distinguished cartoonist with a very dark sense of humor! Trust us! No matter how stressful your life is, his comics will definitely win your laughing tears whenever you read them!

Tony Esp is an artist based in Mexico who makes comics in 2016. He once read an animated series called “Rosiana Rabbit” by Alex Dempsey that eventually inspired him to start his career in the arts. Most of his twisted thoughts appear suddenly and sometimes come from his personal life. “I don’t have a specific art style for my comics, so definitely my weird comics.” His one-of-a-kind works flexibly transition from a healthy family to terrifying bizarre and even confusing himself with incredible weirdness. “If I had to describe them, I would say: WTF,” he openly declared.


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Tony Espp is a strong believer in the “death of the author” concept of direct ideas. He noted that getting a good joke was the most challenging part of creating storyboards. As we explained earlier, his mind is always so full of jokes that he would have to spend a year and a half drawing them all, just in case they weren’t so useless. Although the artist faced many hardships in the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, he never thought of giving up his fiery passion for the arts. “If you wait for things to get better before you start, you won’t get anything done.”

Tony Esper believes that who likes or hates his work doesn’t matter as much as the attention his readers get. Let us know if you’ve already felt stimulated and get ready to grab 20 mini quirky bars of his most well-liked cartoon below! If you like more, just spend a few ticks to check them out on his social media platforms! Enjoy and have a nice day!


#1 Me Being Happy


#2 “Nice try, but i know the real doctor doesn’t wear pants.”

#3 “Ight bro imma keep this……….for research.”


#4 You’re Not The Father!

#5 Untouched Leftovers


#6 “Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mask.”

#7 Still Not Pregnant Tho

#8 “Why have you forsaken me mother!!


#9 “Take sometime to relax take care of yourself.”

10 The Truth

#11 Never Go Past Your Bedtime

#12 “I wish I had friends to play smash with.”


#13 Watch Out!

#14 “Seriously kids this days, don’t even know what respect is.”

#15 “What do you mean the company is going bankrupt!!”

#16 The Reencounter


#17 “Drawing hands is hard, so I’m constantly trying to avoid them.”

#18 Heartbeat

#19 Running Late

#20 “Love comes in unexpected ways so don’t be a fool click that link!”


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