The Same Artist Who Made People Cry With Her ‘Good Boy’ And ‘Black Cat’ Comics Just Released A New One With A Duck


German artist Jenny Hefczyc, also known as Jenny-Jinya, brings her fans to tears again with a new bittersweet comic. This time, her new cartoon strip is about a baby duck that gets separated from its mother and her siblings.

Bored Panda wanted to know how Jenny came up with the idea for her new comic. “The idea was always there. Ever since a family of ducks got run over in front of my eyes, even though it was a very slow country road. That was cruelty that could have been so easily avoided,” she told us. Scroll down to see the rest of Bored Panda’s interview with the artist!


But be careful: you may have to hold back some tears and pretend you have something in your eyes. We may have already made plans to go feed the ducks at the local park after reading Jenny’s comic. When you’re done with this post, check out the illustrator’s other mighty comics here, here, and here.

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German artist Jenny-Jinya drew a new bittersweet comic about a family of ducks that might bring you to tears


According to the illustrator, the time it takes to draw a single comic “varies a lot” from case to case. “It depends on how long and how intensively I have to research some topics. However, I need about a week for the drawing itself.”

Jenny revealed to Bored Panda that drawing has been her obsession for as long as she can remember. “My mother always said that she drew before she could walk. I picked up a pencil as a kid and never stopped doodling. Yes, I always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to tell stories and create worlds.”

“But sometimes I have to take breaks, days when I completely withdraw from art,” he added that every artist has limits and needs to recharge. “Otherwise, I really get burned.”

“A lot of little artists are frustrated because they haven’t yet developed their own style or found their niche. But that’s okay. That is something that cannot be rushed,” said Jenny. “Sounds weird, but let your art do the talking. Finding your own style and niche is something that takes time to develop. There are simply no shortcuts.”

Jenny explained what inspired her to draw the comic


Jenny’s bittersweet comics have earned her a massive following: over 174,000 followers on Instagram, 140,000 on Facebook, and 25,000 on Twitter. In her comics, the German artist addresses various social issues related to animals.

In a previous interview with Bored Panda about her black cat comic, the artist talked to us about stray animals and how this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

“There are dozens of posters and infographics with various statistics on abandoned or mistreated animals. Many know about the problems, but that information is quickly forgotten,” Jenny explained to Bored Panda. “I try to give victims a voice with my comics. I want affected pets to be able to tell their own stories. I hope I can raise awareness this way.”

According to Jenny, she likes to imagine Death as a character who is “just doing her job.”

“People hate them for what they’re doing, but in the end, someone has to do it. I like to imagine Death as a gentle and insightful being,” she said. “For all I know, we could be part of the biggest MMORPG in the entire universe, but there’s no way of knowing.”

“Now go and hug your pet!” she added.

Jenny is a freelance illustrator studying Digital Media at HAWK University of Applied Sciences, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from her. She has been up to her neck in art for as long as she can remember and she even had her first exhibitions of it at the young age of 16.

People shared how her comic made them feel



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