Russian Artist Reimagined 8 Disney Princes As Dads Of Adorable Toddlers And Babies (8 Pics)


In the enchanted worlds of Disney, we meet different magical creatures, colorful kingdoms and princesses… However, how many of us stop for a moment and think about the princes who are also so often present in the stories in which they played such a big part?

Russian artist Oksana Pashenko shows us a whole new world where princes are unforgettable as they take on their roles as fathers to their children. Oksana’s works depict Disney princes spending time with their beloved children, and the result is very impressive if we do so.


Pashchenko’s work has previously been featured on Bored Panda, and if you’d like to see more, click here, here, and here.

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Prince Henry


Oksana is a big fan of Disney, no doubt about that because most of her artwork is about princesses and villains in the franchise. Given all of that, it was only fair that the artist would also appreciate the aforementioned pair of princesses that we all love and know. So Pachinko went ahead and re-imagined princes as fathers to their sons! That’s right – you’d be amazed at the paternalistic chops that some Disney parents have


Prince Adam




The artist did a great job depicting the kind of parents and princes, they even take part in their children’s hobbies, and some parents even reflect the actions of their beloved children. It’s true that most of the Disney princesses didn’t have good parents, but they all got their happily ever after, so it would make sense for their husbands to be the current characters in their children’s lives.


Prince Phillip


Prince Charming


With all this in mind, we think these new parents are going to be great parents in the future! These guys are all great dads right now, but we shouldn’t forget that they’ll help raise some of our (hopefully) new favorite Disney princesses, so kudos to them all!




Prince Eric

Tell us, pandas, which of the Disney princes would make the best dad and why? It can be your entire opinion or just an opinion based on all these beautiful illustrations drawn by Oksana! Let us know which picture was your favourite! And maybe… if given the chance, you’d share some of your best memories with your dad?


Prince Li Shang



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