15 Latest The Far Side Comics That Will Brighten Your Day


If you are struggling at something and you’re tired and thinking to quit. Remember to keep one thing in mind. Great things always takes time. So be patient. If things are not going in your way, change the plan except of quitting it. Because you have given some portion of your life to it. So don’t give up easily.

We have an real life example of a person who quit his cashier job to follow his passion. He loved to draw since his childhood but unfortunately couldn’t get proper classes to study it in depth. Yet he didn’t quit and kept going. When he left job of cashier he started to draw cartoons and showed it to a local magazine. The publisher got impressed with the drawing s and gave him $90, which was the first motivation for him. that person is Gary Larson, the creator of The Far Side comics.

We just showed you a glimpse of his hard work. Soon after realizing his god gifted talent, he never looked back and kept on moving on a right track. Than a time comes when his cartoons could have been seen on all the newspapers, calendars, magazines and books. He was ruling the printed media.

Gary has been awarded with so many awards in his life career. He has already inspired so many lives and still doing so. To know more about his comics we have added below a glimpse of it. We hope these comics will illustrate all the success he’s been blessed with.

So scroll down to take a look at these comics with dark twists that will brighten your day for sure.

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