The artist shares a terrible narrative about the harm his 12 pictures have caused.


Despite the fact that we all know that nothing lasts forever and that we are all human, our reactions when a loved one dies shows how little we really understand. We forget about our own death and appreciate everything, but it is often difficult to cope when someone we care about dies, and on the other hand, dealing with sudden bereavement and loneliness is never easy. A Philadelphia artist has created a stunning series of images depicting what happens when something goes wrong and can’t be left behind.




Tom Booth is a multi-talented artist, essayist, and art director whose ground-breaking ideas have been widely praised in the art world. He used critically appreciated titles such as “It’s Christmas,” “Day on the Beach,” and “Don’t scold!” Written in a clear and concise manner. His most recent project is a series of earthy, sombre drawings that elicit old and emotional feelings in us.A sad and agonising storey about a woodcutter who refuses to fall in love with anyone is shown in this graphic. The poor woodcutter continues to chisel it into the wood so that he can wear it around his neck and keep his memories alive till the end of his days









The artist gives us a sneak peak at a heartbreaking storey that will be released soon. The artist wishes to publish a personal storey with a large scale. I’m not going to disclose how it’ll be released or give too much away about the plot since I don’t want to give anything away about it, so I’ll just say it’s a storey about loss and loneliness.









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