Artist Create Depicts Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend In 20 Illustrations Comics


When you’re done falling in love with someone, getting tangled up, going places together, and sharing cute pictures of each other on social media comes for granted.

Fascination entails worrying when your partner arrives later than expected, focusing and proposing solutions to your partner’s problems, and most importantly, focusing on your partner when he or she is ill.


True romance entails loving your partner unequivocally and always being present without waiting for payment. Whatever the case may be, artist Long Thuy has revealed all of the above in her work. Her daily routine and fun moments with her lover were depicted by the artist using her planner. Thuy’s outline is lively and attractive and perfectly shows the aspirations of many people, making people smile at how adorable this pair is.






Luong Thuy enjoys drawing young females who are true to themselves and express their true feelings, even when they are unhappy. She isn’t afraid to sketch body bends that some experts might avoid, as well as young females with vivid hair. “I have attempted to sketch many styles earlier,” the craftsman stated when asked about her drawing style. However, I preferred the more basic designs at the time. I usually try to sketch such that anyone who sees me may understand what I’m trying to say.






Above all, I need to express the wonderful memories I have with my sweetheart through the drawings I create. When people view my compositions, I also want them to feel happy and hopeful. Some of my fans will text me about their romance stories or share their problems with me. I may not always be able to give people the best advice, but I am always able to share my experiences with them, making them feel more at ease. I’m also glad to know that I was able to assist you in some way. Affection may make a huge difference in one’s life, according to the craftsmen. We should admit that these distinctions lead us to believe that genuine romance does exist!


















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