In 20 photos, a man ‘hangs out’ with Disney characters (New Pics)


Have you ever imagined what your favorite Disney animated characters would look like if they jumped off the screen into your life? Luigi Kimo Volo, a graphic designer and illustrator from Bacoli, Naples, Italy, wondered the same thing, so he set out to portray himself in real life and flooded it with images of everyone’s favorite Disney characters using digital photo manipulation tools, and the results are both adorable and hilarious!

Disney princesses and princes, 2D and 3D cartoon characters, and even Pixar characters are among the amusing images. The artist expertly depicts our favorite Disney characters in his own portraits, blending shared real-life circumstances with limitless imagination.


Here’s a collection of some of our favorite Luigi photos. As a result, we recommend scrolling down and taking a look for yourself!

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Luigi Kemo Volo is an Italian graphic designer, photographer, artist, and Disney aficionado who uses photoshop to include numerous Disney characters into his photographs. Like riding a bike along the beach with Lilo and Stitch or flying into Peter Pan’s world at his request. Luigi had always enjoyed the wonderful Disney world and painting, but it was his love for his nephew that inspired him to create the series in which he interacts with and “hangs out” with these well-known Disney characters.

Bored Panda reached out to the brilliant artist when the opportunity arose. First, we inquired as to whether the artist had any key influences in his life that may have aided in the development and refinement of his style.





Luigi has always enjoyed Disney movies and has been a huge fan of many Disney characters, as we discussed earlier, since he was a kid. He was also a huge fan of drawing, especially comics and animation. Luigi also paints and posts his signature Disney-themed drawings on his Instagram account, as well as posing for his own whimsical photoshoot with Disney characters included.

The artist made them interact with everyday objects such as pens, lighters, etc. What’s really cool about his work is that he’s so carefully considers the character he’s portraying. To put it another way, they’re extending their individuality.






















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