Artist Makes Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings And A Pinch Of Dark Humor (20 New Pics)


Today we would like you to see the latest comics of the talented creator Scribbly G, a digital artist who is originally from South Africa but currently lives in the UK. The artist has a humorous and sarcastic way of depicting his ideas in his web comic books. His work was well received last time around on Bored Panda and if you’d like to check out the previous two posts we suggest clicking here and here for more info!

Without further ado, we invite you to scroll down and see the latest work from Scribbly G that will surely put a smile or two on your face!


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Bored Panda has reached out to Scribbly G with more questions regarding him and his work! First, we asked if the artist might have been working on some new projects we could look forward to.

“I’m working on a lot of new series, I find creating the story a lot easier than drawing it. So while there are a lot of series I want to make,

Most of them I may never get around to drawing. Writing it down is the easy part. Drawing it while you still have to get a real job and spend time with my girlfriend is the hard part.

But there are a few things I try to do before I die from lack of sleep.

First, I want to make a series of 5 dark and strange versions of classic fairy tales. I have drawn 2 of them so far and people have enjoyed them more than I expected, especially because they are not finished yet. I’ve written the following two multiples and am getting suggestions as to what should be the last. My real work stops from December 15th until January 10th, so I hope to get a lot more painting done during the break.

I’m also writing the Spider-cat story because that’s what he asks me the most, and the Daveman series. I wrote the story for Duffman, but as the graphic style has changed, I still wanted to update it. So hopefully, Daveman HD will start sometime in 2022.

I then have two pilots for the scripted series, but both are far from my ability to draw at the moment, so they are paused for a few years until I can draw what’s in my head, or until Adult Swim buys them from me and makes them right.


























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