We Create Creepy Comics With Twisted Endings That You Probably Shouldn’t Read Before Going To Sleep (3 New Stories)


My name is Yael, and I’m an illustrator and comics artist. I draw webcomics with writer Ehud Lavsky and I have my own webcomics. Ehud Lavsky and I started creating short comics and uploading them to the Internet. To date, our comics have been read millions of times and many people have a strong emotional response when reading them.

Below is our latest work. The three of them (like so many of our stories) are fairy tales in a way: a rich man with insatiable hunger, a missing boy, and a found diary recounting an encounter from another world.


We love making comics and releasing them online for free. If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon, so we can continue creating these stories. If you want to watch previous comics, click here, here, here or here.

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The Hunter


I love telling visual stories; Either through character illustration or serial art. I also work with publisher IDW on Star Wars comics. When I’m not painting, I play the drums in many rock bands.

I’ve been drawing all my life, but since I also wanted to tell stories, I decided to study animation in college. I soon found out that I’m not a good animator and that animation takes a lot more time and effort than comics (at least for me).

I have written and drawn some of my own stories, but when writer Ehud Lavsky suggested we do some short storyboards, I jumped at the opportunity. Working with Ehud, I honed my storytelling skills and understanding of the language of comics art.

The Boy


Creatively speaking, the most challenging part for me is the page layout and layout. This always takes a long time. Knowing the flow of panels, the direction of the camera for each panel, what to show and what to leave. Once you have the planning done, things usually move faster.

I love the character design. This is usually my favorite part of drawing, and in the comics, once the design is done – I like to play with the characters and explore their range of feelings

The Portal



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