I Illustrate My Darkest Thoughts To Help People Understand What It’s Like To Suffer From Mental Illness (20 Pics)


I’ve lived with mental illness for as long as I can remember. And mental illness brings many strange and dark thoughts into my head.

I started these drawings because I’m really bad at explaining those ideas, and explaining with drawing has always been a lot easier for me. For the French people here, I also made a French version on Webtoons.


I actually made my first post about it some time ago, here it is.

More info: Instagram | French Webtoons | English Webtoons



My illustrations allow me to express my feelings. I’ve never been so cool talking about it, so drawing lets me. I can hide behind my characters and then share them without having to show my face. Over time, it has also become a way to slowly report mental health issues and remind people that they are not alone and that it is okay to not be unwell. I’m really happy with this part because I wasn’t expecting it at all.




I’ve always been drawing and just never stopped. After high school, I was refused in art schools but kept drawing because I didn’t see myself doing anything else. I’m always trying to make something that can be understood by as many people as possible: people who suffer from mental health issues, but also people who don’t but may know someone suffering. It’s sometimes challenging, but I like that.























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