This Artist Creates Lovely Illustrations That Might Brighten Your Day (20 Pics)


Pictures are a form of expression that tries to communicate something to us. While some of the photos only express a limited amount of things, Maya Zidan’s illustrations speak volumes about love, friendship, wonder, and other positive things. The way it’s composed and drawn, and the way the characters interact, looks like still images from animation reminiscent of the great works of Pixar or Disney, rather than just a static image. In other words, while some of the illustrations try to tell one thing, the works of this talented artist tell a rich story.

The Montreal-based artist’s style is very distinctive, characterized by simplicity, calm, liveliness and perfection. But there are also similarities with Pixar or Disney animation, as we mentioned above, so it’s only natural that one would wonder if these illustrations will ever become an actual animated movie. Let’s hope they do.


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I exclusively told Bored Panda what the main influences and motivations behind these illustrations are: “My influences? Basically it’s the natural world around us. It’s my biggest inspiration. Everything amazing and beautiful is already there. As for motivation? Use it to express my feelings and fears and spread a message about Caring about our environment. This last part is definitely my strongest motivation.


























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