This Canadian Photographer Creates Amazing Miniature Images Of Himself (20 Pics)


Would you like to shrink yourself down in order to experience life as a tiny person in a world of giants? The idea may be familiar in films like “Shrink” and science fiction books. No matter how unrealistic it may sound, this thought is intriguing, isn’t it? How will you feel when you see everything is bigger in size than it is now? How does one look next to a flower or a mushroom? Canadian photographer Joel Robson asks himself this in order to idealize a series of images as he shoots himself in miniature in this surreal world. Joel likes to create worlds where size, scale, and motion don’t work by the rules we know. Are you already intrigued? Then Bored Panda invites you to experience the worlds of magic.

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Joel Robson revealed that he started creating these images because he had always dreamed of being an animator or animator for animated films. However, he realized that instead of drawing pictures, he could use his camera and Photoshop to create them. It has inspired me to find quiet magical moments in every day, and I like to believe that there is magic everywhere if we allow ourselves to believe in it.





















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