Artist Shows How Dogs See The World In Funny Illustrations (7 Comics)


As a dog owner, have you ever thought about how our dogs think about us or how they see the world? Well, it’s not such a simple puzzle, but we can imagine the scenario of how they react to different objects around them.

Robert Brown is an artist based in San Francisco who solved this mystery in a fun way. Robert creatively portrays the contrast between the way people see the world and the way our canines see it, and he has nothing to do with shadowed vision. Robert shows how canines actually see regular objects and routines of daily life.


Like how humans react to bathing versus how dogs see it. They sure won’t like it. Similarly, he also illustrated how dogs react to food. His creative artwork in the field of comics has earned him a large following, as dog owners find him very relatable.

We have recruited some of his most beloved comics. So scroll down and check out these hilarious comics that are sure to brighten his day. If you find it related, let us know in the comments below.












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