Father Created Comics That Hilariously Illustrates The Friendship Between His Baby And Their Dog (20 Comics)


Today, parents love to simply transfer photos of their adorable babies to web-based media, and who can blame them? In any case, anyone can take a simple photograph, right? When Nate Anderson’s first child, Rowan, came along, he decided to take it to the next level and tell his childhood in webcomics, which he basically called Kid and Dog.

We’ve rounded up the hilarious comics that include Rowan and his Golden Retriever Buddy named Murphy. These comics will cheer you up for sure. Take a look at the loving bond between a baby and a funny dog and see what they’ve been up to!










While asking about the start of this comic series, Anderson revealed that the idea for the funny comics came after the birth of his child a year ago. My life was changed by this wiggly, soft kid that filled my home with chuckling and poop. The pets didn’t have a clue what to consider him from the start, yet my Golden Retriever, Murphy, concluded that he was quite cool, he said, Rowan cherishes the canine and would screech with amuse at whatever point Murphy was around him. I began to attract the comics to show what I envisioned in my mind was coming to pass between them







His Boy and Dog comics are based the discussions, circumstances and even some rough jokes among canine and infant. Everything is new for the kid, and I envisioned that it was the canine’s obligation to show him all the world from a canine’s perspective, Anderson clarified.







While his comics are very whimsical, Anderson conceded he’s not truly adept at conversing with individuals and utilizations his ability to convey, My comics enable me to recount funny stories and make individuals giggle with crazy gags. I like to make people happy. I like making individuals chuckle. Shockingly, I’m somewhat socially awkward so this is a best stage for my jokes.








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