Moe’s 10+ Crazy Comics Of Sudden Dark Humor


Life becomes more difficult day by day and this world has become a scary house. And I have to keep my distance all the time because of this whole pandemic period. so it’s the worst time to live. People are fed up with this whole situation. But do not worry. we bring you wholesome comics with some wacky black humor.

Meet the artist Moe. Mohammed El Mayaties the full name of him. Moe is the creator of the VeryCereals comic book series. ‘VeryCereals’ are web comics based on some random situations. So the comic is not only random and relatable, but also full of dark humor. Moe is a student and currently studying computer science. But he loves to share clever ideas, random but relatable life situations, and dark moments in his comic.


He belongs to a family where art is not a big part of his life. but art is a big part of his life. and that has just become a big part of his life. But he got bad grades in art, so he wants to go back in time and turn his sixth grade art into sixteenth grade art. He likes to learn new things whenever he gets the chance. So he looked up anime lessons on YouTube and moved on. And that’s how we got this creative artist.

So all the gamers and pop culture appreciate his work. And because of that appreciation, he garnered more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. He is like a dreamer.

Scroll down and enjoy!

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