Artist Illustrates Daily Struggles And Life With Cats And A Kid In These 20 Comics (New Pics)


Being a girl in today’s world is not easy, and Hannah Hellam, a 32-year-old illustrator, knows it all too well. If you have been wondering what are the many challenges girls constantly face, you want to see what happens next, because you rarely see real, hilarious and funny comics at the same time. Every realistic (and somewhat ironic) comic shows all the things that tend to happen in most of our daily lives, and while situations seem simple, they definitely have a very real impact on our lives.

Also, let’s not forget the countless cat comics Hannah makes, so if you’re not here to see real life struggles turned into cartoons, at least you’ll definitely enjoy some feline puns!


Hillam’s work has been featured on Bored Panda previously, and if you’d like to see some old comics you can easily do so by clicking here and here.

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Illustrator and cartoonist Hannah Hellam has been doing comics for over 11 years now, and slowly but surely over time, the artist has gained over 787K followers on Instagram. Hannah started posting cartoons on her Instagram in 2014, but then did a daily comic in 2016 and maybe that is why she started gaining popularity quickly and then quickly started with her funny and up close content.




Most of her cartoons can be described as slice of life, and as of now, one of her main fortresses is creating funny and surreal cartoons surrounding cats and their behavior. Hellam has practically made it her mission to bring a smile to the faces of her readers with her quirky comics, and the sheer support she’s received over the years has made her struggle even more.























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