20 Adorable Comics About Couple’s Love And Their Daily Adventures With Their Do


Giving red roses and boxes of chocolates to your friends and family is not enthusiasm. It’s not about expensive gifts or amazing tags. It is undoubtedly all about the extraordinary minutes you share with those you care about most. It is related to the morning hug and the strength that two people get from each other.

Crislan Passos, a Brazilian craftsman, makes delightfully funny characters with two human characters named Max and Julia and an adorable puppy. Passos entertainingly depict their daily experiences, which appeal to most individuals across the planet.


Krislan came up with this idea during his original composing two years ago. However, he had such overwhelming inclinations for twos and dogs that he couldn’t say his goodbyes when the book was over. He gave his whole essence to Max and Julia’s relationship, constantly conveying activity drawings about their experiences with dogs and daily existence.

The way they hold their feelings in their relationship.

We have arranged a summary of some of his most famous fun things that will engage most people. Check out this entertaining and charming comedy by looking down. If it’s no big deal, share your reflections in the notes section below.






Crislane maintains an Instagram account where he routinely posts every single one of his jokes. His funny ideas contain a kind of secret that attracts countless people to the web. He has collected 444 thousand Instagram fans. The numbers are constantly increasing























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