Artist Imagines What Zodiac Signs, Planets, And Elements Would Look Like As Women (20 Pics)


22-year-old digital artist Tate Moons is known online for transforming cartoon characters into true modern day guys in her unique illustrations. In fact, you may have previously seen her work on Bored Panda here and here. This time around, I drew inspiration from astrology and astronomy to create beautiful and delicate female digital paintings in a magical series of western zodiac, Chinese zodiac, four elements, and planets. Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign would look like as a person? Tati MoonS answers this question in her own way and you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you are into astrology or not, you will appreciate the talent of Tati MoonS and the wonderful, strong and diverse women who are portrayed. So scroll down and vote for your favourites! And if you don’t want to miss out on new artwork, join the army of 478,000 followers on the artist’s Instagram.

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#1 Sun Goddess, Ruler Of Leo

One of the features that distinguishes Tati MoonS’ illustrations is the comprehensiveness of her art. The women depicted beautifully represent different skin colors, body shapes, and even skin conditions like vitiligo, making them look much closer to the real world. Women of color lack representation in art and Tati MoonS is making a change in her digital paintings. Looking at the illustrations, people who are insecure about their own distinctive features that public opinion might consider flaws can find beauty and empowerment in each one of them.




The Moon, Ruler Of Cancer


Mars Goddess, Ruler Of Aries


Snake, Chinese Zodiac




Rabbit, Chinese Zodiac


Goat, Chinese Zodiac




Rat, Chinese Zodiac




Pig, Chinese Zodiac




Tiger, Chinese Zodiac


Dragon, Chinese Zodiac


Horse, Chinese Zodiac


Dog, Chinese Zodiac


Fire Goddess




Earth Goddess


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