Artist Creates Illustrations Where The Roles Of Humans And Animals Are Reversed, And The Reality Is Thought-Provoking (20 Pics)


Humans tend to take their habits for granted. Everything seems intuitive until the perspective changes. It forces us to think about what we are: Humans are not all sunshine and rainbows, as the saying goes. We also have a darker side that we prefer to drift under the rug.

Barbara Daniels has a call to reveal these dark things that people do. It changed perspective by exchanging the roles of humans and animals, which in turn raises our awareness of how we behave with other animals, which is brutal and immoral most of the time. There is plenty of room for the growth of our species. Her drawings are a sobering reminder that our society is far from perfect. Although we tend to admire the progress of our species, we tend to forget that we did it at the expense of others.


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Barbara shared about her movie Dominion Over Man with Bored Panda: It was an unexpected surprise when this art came into my life. The idea to explore the relationships between humans and animals first came to me while I was eating chicken wings on vacation in Strasbourg, France. I painted what might seem It should be if roles were reversed. The idea resonated with me from that moment on and I started seeing the world in a new light. I started focusing on the concept of role reversal after moving to Berlin in 2013.


























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