20 Humorous Comics With Unexpected Plot Twists By War And Peas (New Comics)


Here they are: some of the best comedies of Jonathan Koons and Elizabeth Petsch aka War and Peas. They’re back with unique black humor, unexpected twists and hilarious characters.

We hope you enjoy them and have a good laugh!

We got another interview with War and Peas and they told us about the weirdest reactions they got to their comics: Sometimes people react so angry to our comics that all we want to do is heal with laughter. Sometimes people write us weird love notes, which is so much fun Once upon a time a lady shouted at us loudly that she did not understand why we were doing this.

More info: warandpeas.com | Instagram | twitter.com | Facebook


We asked how they would explain the meaning of life: We’ve tried to do that many times before. Find our comics starring Kevin, a cute fellow in conversation with his creator about life’s great questions. For example, ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Purpose.



We asked War and Peas to share their secrets about how they keep creating such unexpected and hilarious twists: Phew, no idea, really. When it comes to creating unexpected situations you have to let your eyes wander, it helps sometimes to live a strange life.



















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