A Japanese illustrator imagines a world in which humans coexist with enormous animals (20 Pics)


A mysterious “Japanese” artist with the alias Ariduka55 has created another wonderful environment altogether in which megafauna live and grow alongside online “hoomans”. Cats, dogs, rabbits, owls, and other small creatures, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and owls, are completely affected by our planet, but small animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and owls, can grow to be as formidable as a three-story house.

Although the artist clearly loves cats, he seems to prefer creating soft and fluffy creatures like pandas, rabbits, puppies, and the like. With storied aspects in the composition, the tone of his portraits is generally ethereal and serene. Soft sunlight filters through the many illustrations, through plants or windows.


By the way, the Japanese have a phrase that expresses sunlight moving through the leaves of trees: komorebi (), which perfectly describes this worldly beauty.

More information at ariduka55.tumblr.com | pixiv.net | amazon.com.



Challenging the human being to complete what he has to do


In order to shield their crops from deer and wild boar, Japanese farmers used to honour wolves and leave offerings.
Via: Japan’s The Lost Wolves (Brett L. Walker, 2005)



When its owner comes home, this cat does not want to be hugged.


This cat masters the art of camouflage



Whether you can take a nap on a big ball of hair, you’re definitely not going to be able to finish the job.



They are trying to get the cat out of their hiding place and get it home.



Actually, this Tanuki is a raccoon dog that varies in some details from the common raccoon, and today they are symbols of kindness in Japan.


In Japan and much of Asia, black cats signify good luck.


The fox portrays one of Shinto’s foremost gods, Inari.


Nothing like sleeping with furry friends













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