20 New Funny And Unexpectedly Twisted “Deliberately Buried” Comics For Those With A Darker Sense Of Humor


As the new work week progresses, one needs to take a good break from time to time. And what would make you pause your worries better than a batch of funny and unpredictable comics? So take 5, chill out and just enjoy some refreshingly random Deliberately Buried comics from Sean – they’re as funny as they are unexpectedly twisted.

Deliberately Buried comics sometimes appear on Bored Panda, and here’s the first part of the collection from over half a year ago if you want to check it out. Have a nice reading!


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“Deliberately buried comics” are deliberately made to look dumber than they really are. First of all, comic storytelling always takes you by the nose only to turn into something you didn’t expect, and it does so almost without fail. It shows that no matter how silly the plot is, the narrative takes hold of you. The second thing is that no matter how dumb they are, they are by no means made by a dumb person. Comedy is one of the hardest things to do, and judging by how funny it is, it’s not done by some ignorant, humorless lout, I can assure you.


Here’s what Sean had to say about how the comic series started. “I started Deliberately Buried Comics because I was making comics all the time and posting them to my personal account. So it started as a way to separate my comics and my normal goofy photos. Specifically to try and get other people to see them, besides my friends So I started from scratch as an anonymous account and built it from there.



If you like black humor, you’ve probably come across some people who think you’re insensitive or mentally ill. But don’t feel bad about it, those people are wrong. It turns out that you are probably smarter, less aggressive, and process negativity better than those who tend to take offense at such jokes. The second thing is that it is also a way of processing unpleasant experiences in our lives, and it is much better than wallowing in misery. Last but not least, what else is there to do but laugh at the absurdity?























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