Artist Jenny Jinya Who Made People Cry With Her Comics Just Released A New One With Swan


Jenny Jinya, a freelance illustrator and comic book artist, has amassed a massive following. She has 163,000 followers on Facebook and 203,000 on Instagram alone, and the ideal reasons for her Good Boy and Black Cat strips are. Jenny not only creates compelling characters and compelling narratives, but her sad stories also highlight the serious problems facing domestic and wild animals in the world today. Abandonment is. Destruction of habitats and contamination. These are just some of the topics that the artist has already tackled.

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Sometimes I have to draw comics to cope with things. I read about this a while ago and it still breaks my heart. The only message I have here is don’t be cruel.
They really smashed her eggs with bricks… how can people do that? jenny write in this comic.


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