20 Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs (New Pics)


The behavior of dinosaurs is shrouded in mystery, separated by millions of years. But, judging from these comics, which are simply called “Dinos and Comics”, they are more mentally mature and less cold-blooded than you thought! There is a lot to learn from the conversations and thoughts these reptiles have: they notice the absurdity and paradoxes of mental illness, openly share their feelings, and last but not least, they know how to comfort each other and inspire positive emotions. The comics inadvertently make you wish that these kinds of mentally advanced dinosaurs had survived to this day, because we need them more than ever. But they’re here, and with us, they’re sharing wisdom through just a few of the comics created by this incredible group. Without further ado, forget about your problems for a moment, and indulge yourself in something the content creators call “dino therapy.” Enjoy!

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In a previous post, which you may find here, the authors mentioned why they chose dinosaurs as the heroes of the comic. They said it was because “they’re cool,” which I, as someone who loved dinosaurs in my childhood, could totally fall behind. First of all, this is realistically true, since reptiles (dinosaurs) are cold-blooded, so naturally that would make them one of the coldest animals out there. Second, dinosaurs look cool. When someone asks you to think of a cool animal, most people choose dinosaurs. This is a fact that I made up, but I feel it is real. But dinosaurs are actually real. This is a real fact.




We’ve established that dinosaurs are the epitome of cool animals. But what else is there to know about them? Well, a lot. Though much is known about dinosaurs, even more is unknown, as they lived and prospered hundreds of millions of years ago. To be precise, they came into prominence in the Mesozoic Era, around 243-233 million years ago, and mostly died off 66 million years ago in a Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. Only the feathered, avian dinosaurs managed to survive, and are the reason why birds exist today, since they all had an avian dinosaur ancestor.























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