You Can Get Tattoo Sleeves For Your Cat So They Can Look As Badass As They Feel


Human owners love to wear their kitties in whatever fashion options are available, and they now have options.

Now you can have tattoo sleeves for your beloved pets, as well as an all-over blouse, which is sure to turn heads the next time they’re walking around the neighborhood. And your cat’s Insta game should be ready, too. California, United States, artist and designer Eri McCready has her own company, Slinx Concepts, and offers stylish clothing for cats and dogs. But it was the feisty cat tattoo sleeves they sell on the online Etsy market that caught people’s eyes.

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In different designs and types, Tattcat caps are available; they are really cute, most importantly. The caps are valued at £ 16.18, a tiny price to pay for getting the most nailed cat.

For my own six cats, three Sphynxes and three Devon Rexes, I have a lot of sleeves,” Airie, an artist, told Metro.” When a friend showed me a dumb fake tattoo sleeve and teased me how I didn’t have to get tattoos, I should have had one of these tattoo sleeves (I have a lot of tattoos). ‘I picked it up and said, “If only I knew how to sew.

“It took a long time, but it’s a really delicate tissue, I figured out how to do it.” Erie explained that she found a seller that offers inkjet prints that are non-toxic and use a material that’s also safe for kittens. “Everything is made by myself or by a contract seamstress in my shop and I oversee every single piece,” she added.

They set up a ‘Cat Meet’ event at the Westminster Kennel Club a couple of years ago and even had the cats do the agility course. Misha, Sphynx, wears one of the winning Tattcat shirts!

The End…

Human owners love to dress their kitties up in whatever fashion choices are available, and the edgiest of cats now have options.

For aeons, humans got tattoos of cats, and women even got their kitty’s fur attached because why not? So you might as well get your beloved pet to ink up (safely, of course) (safely, of course). Just don’t be like the woman who got her cat tattooed, actually. That’s just dangerous and more than that, the kitties deserve.


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