Artist Portrays Mystical Creatures In Their Vulnerable Form – When They Were Still Babies (20 Pics)


We are used to seeing mythical beings depicted as tall and strong warriors or bearded old wizards. Killing monsters or casting spells, after all, requires strength and experience. However, the enlightened Rudi Siswanto in Hong Kong decided to turn our traditional beliefs upside down by showing them as newborns.

They still look amazing, from Medusa to Minotaur and many others, but they are so few that you can picture them falling asleep in the middle of the Odyssey.


More information at: ArtStation | Instagram

#1 Medusa & Gargoyle


Siswanto is an Indonesian game developer currently working for Riot Games. When I worked at Caravan Studio, I worked on a client project called Baby Bestiary. It was for Metal Weave Games’ crowdfunding campaign. They came up with the concept of an RPG book about children, and I helped them with the visuals. In the first two volumes, she collaborated and assisted with artistic direction.

#2 Griffin Foal

I learned a lot from this project, not only how to make baby replicas of various known creatures, but also how to analyze animal traits like gestures and proportions and how they move, which helped him build more adorable creatures, he says. In general, credible

#3 Freshly Hatched Hydra


#4 Reptilian

#5 Canarcontes


#6 Simurg Puppy

#7 Nightmare

#8 Turtle Dragon


#9 Phoenix

#10 Daughter Of Medusa

#11 Minotaurito

#12 Little Satyr


#13 Krakencito

#14 Unicorn Foal

#15 Little Primal

#16 Centaur


#17 Tatzelwurm

#18 Harpy

#19 Griffon

#20 Cocatrices


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