20 Adorable Animal Comics To Raise Your Spirits Today By Rajnik Patel


We’re used to seeing birds soaring across the sky, animals running in the fields, or swimming the seas. We don’t, however know what is going in their heads as they’re doing all of these things. But artist Rajnik Patel does. Or at least he tries to imagine.

Attributing them human traits, Patel creates animal comics where wolves, spiders, and octopuses become husbands, wives, and children, and the familiar situations the artist puts these creatures in make it really easy to connect with them. Continue scrolling and take a look for yourself.


I’m an engineer from India but I love animals and dinosaurs Patel told Bored Panda. And that’s pretty much the main reason I started creating these comics in the first place. The positive feelings I have for the animals made me get to know a little bit (I guess I’m a dinosaur nerd too)


The artist said that additional knowledge he has gained over the years helps him to be more creative when it comes to his stories. It allows him to strike the perfect balance between keeping his characters, the animals, and themselves, and making them a little human.




















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