The Simpsons Animator Illustrates Awkward Everyday Moments Of These Wholesome Animals (20 New Pics)


Do you sometimes crave something really sweet and totally healthy? I definitely do. Is there such a thing? There certainly is. And what is better than animals? Maybe nothing. Animals are useful in their own right, but some artists can make them even more beautiful.

If you’re feeling that little craving for health right now, we’ve got just the thing for you to quench that thirst. Here are some comics about beautiful animals doing sweet things for each other and themselves by talented Liz Clement. Liz is an American cartoonist and animator on one of the most popular television animated series, The Simpsons. She’s been doing this job proudly for over a decade, and there’s nothing stopping her.


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But let’s talk more about the comics that are here today. It’s about daily super cute moments of animals like porcupines, cats, dogs, bears, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, rats and many more. For those of you who know how these animals actually act in real life, you might notice that there is something a little different about how they act in these comics. The main difference is the amount of love and affection they show for each other. These animals behave so kindly, that they must teach humans how to do it. The universe they live in is beautiful, sweet, tender and full of love.




The gorgeous Liz Climo has captured nearly a million hearts on Instagram with her comics, having nearly 894K followers on the social media platform. She also shares her work on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, where she also enjoys relative success. Check out her social media for more additional content and other illustrations not included here. Support the hard-working artist by following her there.























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