Artist Illustrates Funny And Relatable Comics About Everyday Life (20 Pics)


“Welcome to my life” – this is how an animator describes her page on the Instagram Life of Jolie. Life of Jolie is the new comic of 21-year-old Norwegian Johan Lied that began when the world went house-crazed back in March to illustrate what her everyday life looks like. Funny and quirky comics from life contain everything a “normal” person can relate to – their personal struggles, sweet and challenging relationship moments, lovable and sometimes unpredictable pets, plus some precious childhood memories. Although her comics follow the life of a fictional character, most of them are real and dear to her heart, you could tell that she depicts experiences from real life.

So we would like to invite you into the life of Julie, who has at least a small part of us all. Don’t miss our interview with the artist below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite comics!


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The artist behind Life of Jolie, Johan Lied, told Bored Panda that she has been inspired by other artists, especially autobiographical comics, to share her own experiences, and a surprisingly empty schedule during lockdown encouraged her to give it a shot.

“It basically started when Corona and quarantine started back in March. I had a lot of time all of a sudden so I got my iPad and an Apple Pencil and started drawing this character named Jolie who was very inspired by my life! I drew a lot of drawing along the lines of Comics before, so I have to say my first comics are really bad (but I’ve progressed a lot since then and now it’s fun to look back at my previous work).”



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