14 Gorgeous Disney Princesses Reimagined As Vicious Disney Villains


Have you ever reimagined Disney princesses in any other way?

Disney’s gorgeous universe and great storytelling have truly aided us in having the happiest childhood imaginable. When there was nothing else to help you get out of a deep tunnel of boredom, Disney movies were always fantastic instruments for pulling us out of it and filling all the black and white spaces with vivid and vibrant colors. And for the most part, our very own Disney princesses have been at the center of our joy. Disney princesses are the most wonderful women who would keep us on the edge of our seats as they battle baddies while simultaneously making us all apprehensive, but always presenting us with a happy ending as they would always side with the right, the truth, and justice .All evil will be defeated if you tell the truth. Every Disney princess represents a nice, positive message, which they display in every film in which they appear. And it’s for this reason that we adore our Disney universe so much.

Now that it has been spoken and the grins on everyone’s faces, it’s time to change things up. We, here, let our imaginations go wild, and as a result, we’re forced to consider what a Disney princess would look like if she was devoid of all that positive energy and instead filled with hate and greed. Basically, we aim to turn Disney princesses into villains. And we were relieved to learn that many of you shared our anxiety and had the same question.


So, let’s settle this debate once and for all by imagining what some of the Disney princesses would look like if they were terrible and terrifying cosmic villains.

Scroll down below at your own risk because you might not be able to turn back.

1. Here’s what “Snow White” would look like from the movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” if she was a villain.


2. Here’s what “Ariel” from the movie “The Little Mermaid” would look like if she was a villain.

3. Probably the most loved princess for the kids born in the mid-90s, Cinderella reimagined as a villain.


4. The princess with the strongest hair, “Rapunzel” from the movie “Tangled” reimagined as a villain.

5. “Belle” from the movie “Beauty and the Beast” is reimagined as a villain of the universe.

Love me or hate me, she looks really good as a villain than a princess.


6. Princess Jasmine from the movie “Aladdin” retiring the classic, positive blue and taking over the universe as a villain in hot and vicious red.

7. Here’s what Princess Mulan would look like if she was Disney’s villain. I would not mess with her. At all.

I’d tell you the truth. I’m not sure how to process this reimagining as a Disney movie aficionado. But I have to add, they all appear to be fierce and capable. The Disney villains should be grateful they didn’t push the princesses to the brink because this is the product that would have resulted if they had.

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8. Moana as a villain takes all that innocence away from that face and brings on lots and lots of fierceness.


9. Ever thought how “Aurora” from the movie “Sleeping Beauty” would look like if she was handed negative thoughts and a wand, and of course a black and purple suit.

10. I, in no way, could have ever imagined Elsa as a villain but this is depiction looks so accurate.

11. If there is any Disney Princess who would look the most different reimagined as a villain, it would be Tiana.

12. There would be problems for the Disney world if Princess Merida from the movie Brave put that bow and arrow to wrong use


13. And here’s Anna in an extremely dominating attire reimagined as a villain.

14. And finally, here is what Princess Esmeralda would look like if she was a Disney villain.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below


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