My 20 Light-Hearted Comics Inspired By My Married Life


Hello! My name is Beanie and I make cartoons about my life and post them on Instagram. I started drawing them to remind myself of the happy and silly things that happen every day and I think documenting them that way makes me appreciate the little moments in life more. A lot of my comics include my husband Mike and our goofy relationship, so here’s a compilation of them, if you’re in a relationship, maybe you’ll find something you can relate to.

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This article includes many of my favorites, like the one on our first date and the one where we had a weird smell in our apartment and spent hours crawling around sniffing everything like two weirdos. One of the things I enjoy doing these comics is drawing VERY goofy facial expressions and poses, the more in a single comic the better!


Balcony Snow


Horror Wiki

My Beanie comics also include stories from my childhood and teenage years, basically any funny story I can remember from my life, I go ahead and draw it. I’ve been doing these autobiographical comics for almost 3 years now and it’s been a surreal experience for people to read and respond to them. It’s always incredibly special when a comic resonates with someone.




Shrek Milkshake

My goal in doing this is to brighten people’s day, so if anyone finds a comic touching, sweet, or just a little funny, I’m very happy. I started out drawing these comics as a silly online journal and creative outlet on the side of my work and it grew into something bigger and I’m grateful for it every day. For anyone interested in doing autobiographical comics, I definitely recommend it, I think it’s a really fun way to document your feelings and your life. They don’t have to be read by anyone else, but posting them online can be fun too!


New Obsession




Movie Outfit


Politeness Loop








Sit Together










First Date


Over Planning


Game Choices


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