20 Warm Illustrations That Shows Dog Owners Never Feel Alone


Yaoyao Ma Van is an artist from Los Angeles who describes herself as an artist, painter, illustrator, and animal lover, and the vast majority of that radiates through her fine art.

The illustrations are based on dog owners and each and every person who owns a dog will feel under these circumstances. People who do not have a dog will understand that nothing remains the same if you decide to have a puppy.

Scroll down and check out these amazing and heartwarming illustrations that are sure to warm her heart.




Yaoyao Ma Van, currently living in Los Angeles, has worked with numerous well known brands, similar to Disney TV Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, Rick and Morty, Stoopid Buddy Studios, Starburns Industries, yet today we should concentrate on her own specialty project – a progression of endearing illustrations about a young lady and a canine.






My innovative thoughts come from various spots, essentially my pet canine Parker is my greatest motivation, the artist disclosed. We adopted him just about four years prior and he’s been the focal point of our life from that point forward.














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