This Artist Creates Fun Comics That Will Probably Make You Smile (20 Pics)


Are you bored and looking for something that makes you happy? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Chuck Ingwersen is an artist who has created comics, cartoons and artwork “on a wide range of fun gifts”. These comics cover a lot of funny and silly situations, from a cat in a job interview, or thinking about chickens, or sharks looking for something to eat. Chuck is known on Instagram as Captainscratchy and has over 4,000 followers. The web comic features dogs, cats, bears, horses, beavers, sharks, and other animals. All the comics are fun, easy to read, and might even make you smile. Hope it brightens your day! Bored Panda got an interview from the artist to better get to know the artwork and behind the scenes of the creation process. What are your favorite comics?


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Chuck Ingwersen is a freelance cartoonist and comedian from Chicago who specializes in funny greeting cards that “fly off store shelves (when attached to tiny motorized wings)”. Besides, he creates hilarious “Captain Scratchy” comic strips and posts hilarious comic stories on Instagram every day. Chuck told Bored Panda that he loves animals, so the majority of his cartoons and comics focus on the animal kingdom. However, one can also find in his work “some silly humans.




The artist previously worked as a newspaper journalist (reporter, columnist, editor, page designer) and enjoyed it a lot, but wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a child. “I was constantly drawing as a kid, and I have hand-drawn countless funny greeting cards for friends and families since I was very young.”

Chuck quit his job as a journalist and started his cartooning career in 2008. First he created a website called “Words and Toons”, which featured his cartoons and humor writing. A few years later, he created his own Captain Scratchy website, which is “still going strong”. When asked how he came up with the ideas, he told artist Bored Panda that he has always had a creative streak and a love for animation, comics, humor writing, and humor in general. “Far Side has been a huge influence on me, along with many others. I have what you would call an overactive brain, so I constantly think about comic thoughts all day.” Although we previously introduced Chuck Ingwersen as an artist who creates hilarious comics, he himself likes to think that his comics range from sophistication to dark. “I try to explore the human condition in a humorous way, and I often explore it using animals as specifications for humans.























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