These 20 New Funny Comics By A Legendary Cartoonist Might Make You Smile


In modern times, reaching 30 years or more as a human being is not that special. For comics, however, reaching 30 years, especially in modern times, is an astonishing feat, as there are only a handful of comics and cartoons that have survived that long. Mark Parisi, 60, has achieved this rare milestone, but it doesn’t stop there, and the number keeps increasing: Parisi has been doing his “Off the Mark” cartoons since 1987, and the number is rounding off. to 35 years now. That’s more than half of a solid cartoon and comic book lifespan. My bet is that it wouldn’t if people didn’t appreciate comics as much as it did – it’s reached thousands of newspapers and millions of hearts over the years, and it’s been on tons of holiday cards. So without further ado, let’s see how accurate the jokes are; I have a feeling that they are going to be a bit “out of place”. Enjoy!

If you want to see the first part of his cartoon collection, you can watch it here.


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Look, I really don’t know the secrets of his craft and why his cartoons are so highly regarded, but I can give you some guesses. Part of what makes them so appealing is their simplicity and comic efficiency expressed in a single panel. The other important factor is consistency of style. If I asked you to imagine a newspaper comic, you would probably imagine something very similar to what Mark actually does. This “old school” style (no offense, Mark) is extremely recognizable.




Here’s what he had to say in an interview with the previous Bored Panda post: “I wanted to make cartoons since I could hold a crayon. I was inspired by Charles Schulz and MAD Magazine, but it wasn’t until Gary Larson came along that I realized the The kind of comics I should do Now I’m inspired by everything that happens in life, from pets to pop culture to pandemics.























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