I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 20 Of The Best Ones From 2021


We are often bombarded with ghastly and ghastly headlines that make us feel like the world is falling apart.

While it is important to report issues and problems, I believe there is so much good in this world that it just needs to be found and promoted. This is especially true after the last few years we’ve had with COVID, political and social unrest, and seemingly more negative headlines than we care to count.


That’s why I started The Happy Broadcast, and this year, that’s why I’m so proud to announce WHOLE, the free happiness app. WHOLE is the culmination of what we started 4 years ago with The Happy Broadcast, a positive place filled with activities aimed at improving your mental health and happiness. We partner with science to identify activities that are known to increase happiness and then incorporate them into a daily tracker that suggests simple things you can do to improve your mood.

Consuming positive news is a known activity that can improve your outlook and mood. We need more positive news to recognize that the world is slowly improving. So with that said, here are some of the best-performing positive news illustrations of 2021.

You can find my previous articles on The Happy Broadcast on Bored Panda here (2020), here (coronavirus), and here (2019). And if you want to read about the good news in more detail and see the sources I used, you can go to my website, here.e.

More info: Instagram | WHOLE



2020 and 2021 feel very similar. The challenges facing the human family right now are great and terrifying and there is no guarantee that we will overcome them ALL. But, as millions of people have shown in the last 24 months, action is possible, better solutions are available, and a better future can be built. Science has really helped us overcome a pandemic, but it is people who have shown their kindness and love for one another.

One at a time, we can all make a positive impact. While I don’t want to be cynical and stop believing that the world can get better, I’m also not naive in thinking that the world can change if I don’t contribute. That’s why the future will be better if, instead of overwhelming ourselves, we celebrate and inspire the millions of people who have shown us that we can all make a positive impact.




I am always optimistic. Every year is better than the last and even in the last two challenging years, there have been several positives. The new generations are increasingly aware that we must advocate for a better future, and we must do it quickly. I see more and more kindness and more and more people acting selflessly to change what is wrong and help those in need.

Even small acts of kindness towards the environment, in turn, will benefit everyone and I see that happening. That is why I have created The Happy Broadcast, to highlight the selfless actions of many incredible human beings.

2021 has been a great year filled with hard work, fun, kindness, pizza, and dogs. I always have to keep my sanity in check, but that is why I love to use my art as a beacon of positivity for myself and for people who are kind enough to follow my projects.























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