“The New Yorker” Cartoonist Makes Unexpected And Clever Comics (20 New Pics)


There’s nothing like clever and entertaining art to brighten up our daily routine; although we can invent some of our problems, they are sure to be relatable illustrations. Artist Will McPhail trivializes these problems in cartoons of him, saying “desperation and panic are so much fun.”

Will, once a zoology student, now draws regularly for the world famous New Yorker magazine. The talented creator has also released his graphic novel, which can be described as a “commentary on modern life and a joyous celebration of being human.”


Scroll down to see McPhail’s most recent illustrations, and don’t forget to check out our previous post on his work.

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When asked about his creative process, Will told Bored Panda: “The only real structure I have in my life is The New Yorker’s presentation schedule, so my week is usually based on that. I spend most of the week pouring a stream of consciousness into a Moleskine in the hope that there will be 8-10 decent ideas by the time the presentation day arrives. Then I draw those ideas and submit them!”

“It was a pretty well-oiled ship up until the moment I started working on my graphic novel. Now I look like one of those ‘poor unlucky souls’ from The Little Mermaid, an unattached demon wandering around with no sense of direction or self,” says Will.




“Oh absolutely!” the artist responds when asked if he ever faces a creative block. “I find myself looking in the mirror telling my reflection that he is a talentless, graceless worm surprisingly often! However, I’ve come to realize that my version of “hard work” is literally sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper for as long as you can. If I can just put in the hours, then things usually start to appear on the page. That said, there have been times when I almost had to chain myself to the drawing board until it gave in to my demands. My demands are: a cartoon pigeon, please.”























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