Guy Edits Disney Characters Into His Photos And Here Are The Results (20 Pics)


Disney has been an important part of many people’s lives. Kids and adults love their cartoons, movies, and shows. They managed to create a beautiful universe, a place they love, or a story that catches their hearts, where just about everyone can find someone to relate to.

By putting famous Disney characters in his images, Samuel MB, artist, actor and elementary school teacher, combines fantasy and reality. He hangs out with his favorite characters in the pictures like Simba, Ariel, Hercules and many more. To take these photos, he uses Photoshop and they can be hilarious.


“When he was a kid, he was a fan of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I liked the combination of animation and live action. Years later I learned to use Photoshop and now I like to create photos combining cartoons with real life”, said the artist.

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“Inspiration comes to me watching Disney movies. When I know what photo I want to create, I just have to use Photoshop and create magic.”I’m inspired to watch Disney movies. When I know what photo I want to create, I just have to use Photoshop and create magic.


“My father bought Photoshop when I was a teenager. He was always editing photos, and I liked what he did. So one day I decided to do the same,” Samuel told Bored Panda when asked how he decided to learn Photoshop.

Samuel also shared that making a simple picture takes him about an hour, but more complicated ones can take up to five hours to create.






“Many people love my photos. They tell me that my photos remind them of their childhood. They would like to meet Disney characters in real life,” Samuel shared when asked what the reactions of the people to his work and edits are




















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