Incredible Concept Art Of Our Favorite Pop Culture Characters And More By Michael Kutsche (20 Pics)


Michael Kochi is an exceptionally well known and award winning artist from Berlin, Germany who currently works in both traditional and digital media. Kutsche mainly focuses on character design and concept art, and a large variety of his work can be found on his official website. His current portfolio includes character designs from popular movie adaptations such as The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Jungle Book, and even Thor. Of course, that’s not all, as these are only the most recent projects he’s worked on, but what we can say for sure is that the artist is almost booked full time for other projects too.

The artist shared on his official website that he is successfully working with movie industry giants like Disney Studios, Dreamworks, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros etc. and not only that, but his work has also been widely shown in other different forms of media all over the world. around the world.


Fascinated by the artist’s work connect with Bored Panda.

I always start approaching artwork from an emotional angle. But it is important to bring a whole mix of different and even conflicting feelings into the process, it should never be one-dimensional. I believe artwork can have a unique quality when it is able to convey depth And emotional richness, I think this is more important than ‘style.

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As a self-taught artist, according to the artist’s bio, Michael best describes his work as a stunningly vibrant depiction of parallel reality, populated with grotesque characters reminiscent of films and comics, but also Flemish Renaissance painting.Although he works in traditional media such as oil and watercolor for his personal art and art gallery, his professional work is primarily digital paintings, and was from a portfolio on Deviantart, a community site dedicated to digital art, which first received a Sony Imageworks notice , a connection as stated by the artist himself that led to his work on Alice in Wonderland.

Kutsche often works with his digital tools in a way that feels like a painter’s brush and looks frighteningly realistic. Nowadays, the German artist shares his work on Instagram, having amassed more than 44.4 thousand followers since 2015 when he started posting on multiple platforms. His website has gallery of works dating from 2008 to 2020, and he also runs a blog where he occasionally posts about his art, exhibitions, etc.


























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