I Painted 20 Illustrations To Show That Not All Monsters Are Scary


I want to share with you my two glowing monsters series, you bored panda! They are cute, big, fluffy, and need friends.

Don’t worry, they are really friendly!


Scroll down the page and check out the cuteness of these monsters!

More info: Instagram



I get inspired by everything around me. I love stars, moon, galaxies, and other astronomical things. I like to play with luminous and glowing elements in my art. I make a lot of magical creatures and monsters, but I try to make them cute and not scary.




My workflow isn’t too complicated, I write down any ideas I have for future drawings in my notes. Then, when I have time, I make a drawing and then move on to coloring. I have this little habit where, when I start the illustration, I have to finish it in one sitting. I don’t have a lot of pictures I’ve been drawing for more than a day. It usually takes 4-12 hours to finish one of my pieces, depending on the complexity of the image.




I don’t have a hard time coming up with new ideas, but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed. Especially nowadays, when social media is changing and reaching as many people as possible becomes more complicated than it was in the past. Sometimes social media is our only show. When I’m feeling a bit of a creative block, I find it very helpful to look at other art and get inspired.




















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