Artist Creates Overly Positive Comics About Her Pet Bird (20 NEW COMICS)


Online, there are a plethora of animal comics, with cats and dogs, of course, dominating the scene (as is). When it comes to inking or coloring their beautiful feathers, birds are rarely in the spotlight. On the other hand, potato chips are here to help. The friend, a rooster chosen by artist Cynthia, is the primary character in the comics. The show showcases his feelings as a parrot with a pet in fun situations, as well as the joys and hardships he faces with Buddy, and he said everything he did was motivated by real life. “These are real incidents, mainly based on the Buddha himself or my experience with other birds in my life,” said Cynthia Board Panda. When you fill in the artist’s work, you will see that the comments have been very positive. “I am glad that I was able to help others overcome despair and terrible days,” says the author. To view them all, scroll down, and you may be inspired to make a cocktail. Remember to vote for your favorite works and leave comments!

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