Here Are 20 Of My Brother’s Comics About Two Dogs, Which He Created To Help Promote My Book


Hi, my name is Bianca, and I write children’s books and YA fantasy in my spare time. My brother is a talented artist, and to help me promote my stories and characters, he draws funny comics on the web (currently 25, with more coming out every week).

My first book, The Tale of Prince, is the story of a stately dog named Prince and a stray dog named Bennie.


Benny turns Prince’s life upside down, stealing his toys and people’s feelings. He thinks she ruined everything. In the end, you will steal his heart, too.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it!

More info on my website and on Instagram @taleweavers_adventures (Bianca & Marco Staines.

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Introducing Prince



The Council Of Pets


Beware Of Spinning Wheel Accidents



Bennie And Timmy


Prince’s Mansion In Bendall Road



The Nosy Poodle Neighbours, Malita And Annabelle


The Book To The Well-Behaved Dog


Walking Around The Hood



If It’s Not About Prince, It Ain’t News


The Chase


Bennie Does What She Wants


Bendall Road’s Hamster Secret Service



You Can’t Hide Forever, Or Can You?


Timmy’s First Word In A Long Time


Introducing Timmy, Prince’s Owner


The Mysterious Night Stalker Is Near



Timmy’s Parents Aren’t Too Happy About It


Prince Sabotaging Bennie’s Training


Easier Said Than Done


No One Expects The Pound Inspectors


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