20 Of The Funniest New Parrot Comics, Illustrated By The Parrot’s Owner.


Sometimes you get to know someone so well that you feel compelled to create a storyboard about their travels. The same thing might happen to the animals you share your home with.

Sarah, a 25-year-old Texan artist who has two baby birds, is a case in point. Blue Boy, a bossy little parrot, and chickens, a charming but stupid fairy cockatoo. These parrots are the focus of this entertaining cartoon.

“The stories are mostly told from a chicken’s point of view, with minimal focus on people, which is why the comics are called ‘Chicken Ideas.’ I admire how perceptive the birds are, as well as how silly they are.” That way,” Sarah said.

The stories are mostly based on Sarah’s pet bird’s apparent inclinations, especially when she does something amazing. Some of my readers have noted that I write jokes about birds, so they appear as guest stars. “They tell me a little bit about themselves, and I paint my way for them,” he explained. Muzzles are playful but not shallow, they perfectly capture what it’s like to live with parrots and their antics.

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