Guy Keeps Putting Disney Characters In His Photos, And It Looks Like They’re Having A Blast(20 New Pics)


Imagine what it would be like if we could join our favorite fictional characters on their journeys across the screen, or if they would jump and infiltrate our daily lives as young adults or even adults. Since this would actually be impossible, Samuel MB used the tools at his disposal to test the concept. Using Photoshop, this artist, actor, and elementary school teacher brings famous Disney characters into his life, making them appear to interact in strange and recognizable circumstances.

We’ve shown how Samuel interacts with Disney characters in digital manipulation, but his dream world is too rich to share more of his admired art! What cartoon characters would you like to meet in person? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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We called the artist again to ask him to guide us through creating his artwork, and it turns out that most of it was created in his home, and the first thing you’ll need is the concept of a solid image. Sometimes I just work on my daily routine at home when I get the idea to take a picture. Other times, watching Disney movies serves as inspiration. When I know what kind of photo I want to take, all I have to do is open Photoshop and work its magic. The first thing I do is watch movies in search of the frames I need to build the characters.

Then I take the photo with the camera at home, and then I use Photoshop to display the characters created in the photo.























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