These Hilariously Adorable Brutus And Pixie Comics Will Instantly Brighten Your Day


Remember the art of Ben Heimusing D’s diagram regarding what would happen if individuals played with each other like creatures? He thought of another series of cute drawings that you should look at. It’s all about getting to know each other in that unusual feeling of creature between a kitten kitten and a huge German Shepherd dog, and it will make your day. (Pixie and Brutus).

“Pixie is a rude, cheerful and playful little kitten,” says the owner. “She’s blameless, but she’s also indifferent about the real, horrifying things going on around her.”

Brutus, once again, is a huge German Shepherd with scars all over. Since quitting as a well-equipped military dog, the owner of the Pixie Company (MWD) has embraced him. In many ways, Brutus is the perfect inverse of Pixie. He’s seen a lot of things. He’s an intense and fearsome military dog, yet he has a sensitive heart for a Pixie and takes a stab at everything he can to protect her from the brutal certainty of the world.

Pixie and Brutus was the most unusual comic idea I had while working. I had no aim to make progress on these; I just think it would be interesting to identify a cute little cat with a formidable and threatening conflict dog. So I drew my first magical Pixie and Brutus comic, and people cherished it so much that I’ve been continuing to do it lately, Ben hed tells me

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Comic Number one:

Comic Number Two

Comic Number Three:

Comic Number Four:


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