Artist Speaks The Truth About The Struggles Girls Deal With (20 New Pics)


If you’ve already read the title, you probably know what you’re signed up for when you click on this… but if you haven’t read the title, let us tell you a little more! Today we would like to introduce you to Bella Sriwantana, an incredibly talented comedian from Belgium. Bella is known for her comics that depict real-life situations and just a common day in the life of a simple girl. Even though Sriwantana is based on the comics of herself, we’re sure most of us have found ourselves in pretty similar circumstances nonetheless.

Bella’s caricature is bright, playful and has a distinctive artistic style and approach. The artist even covers topics like the latest memes, pets, and what it’s like to have a boyfriend, and generally shares how hard and tiring it can be to be a woman sometimes.


Given all of that, Bella’s comics have also previously appeared on Bored Panda and you can find them by clicking here!

With all that said, hopefully that’s reason enough to make you scroll down.

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Bored Panda reached out to Bella and, first, we asked the artist if she had any major influences in her life that might have helped her develop and refine her style.

I think Japanese manga has a lot of influences on my style and I read a lot of them when I was young. In order to make my comics interesting and fun for my audience, I studied facial expressions and enhanced them with my own art style to make them even more unique.


























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