20 New Relatable And Funny Comics About Everyday Life With Four Cats And A Fiancé By This UK Artist


What do significant others have in common with cats? Well, Sarah Graley could answer that it is endless material for her comics. And there are probably more similarities too… Anyway, they can be linked on both ends, for those who enjoy the everyday things of purposeful relationships and those who just love cats.

Sarah and Steve have lived a wonderful life together for 10 years now, and are engaged. What do you want more? Cats, perhaps? And their cats, four of them are adorable, even: Pesto and Toby, two sisters who came to a litter in 2013, and Pixel with Wilson, Pesto’s young children from a group of four cats, two of whom were taken. Sarah’s relatives.


More info: Instagram | sarahgraley.mybigcommerce.com | Facebook | sarahgraley.com | oursuperadventure.com



For those of you who think these comics sound familiar, that’s because they are! Bored Panda has shown Sarah’s comics twice before, where you can find links here and here. As you may have noticed, quite a few of the comics you see today are redraws of their old folk, although the vast majority of them are entirely new material. You can even purchase the first re-released version of the “Our Super Adventure: Press Start To Begin” comics, just like the second set of “Our Super Adventure”, Video Games and Pizza Party, which was funded by Kickstarter.


























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