Artist Makes People Laugh At The Absurdity Of Our Lives Through His Fun Comics (20 New Pics)


Meet the talented comic artist MadeByTio, who is well known for being a creative genius that loves to make illustrations that feature surprising, funny and sometimes borderline ridiculous situations with a dash of ironic reality that, for some, might seem somewhat offensive. All of this, especially added to his creative yet simple visual style that is just four panels (most of the time), makes for a brilliant combination that might just give you (and your inner demon that very much enjoys a dark comic) a good laugh.

His great sense of humor inspired him to make many comics that are absurd as well as very inventive. The comic artist has been making webcomics for over 5 years already, and it doesn’t seem like he will stop anytime soon!


MadeByTio’s comics have been previously featured on Bored Panda and if you’d like to see more of his older works you can find them by clicking here.

More info: Facebook | Instagram



With more than 132 posts on Instagram already, the artist has achieved a commendable number of followers, over 71 thousand, to be exact. MadeByTio told us how it all began: One day, I created a Facebook page and an Instagram account and started posting my comics on it. That was the beginning. And while it’s up to you to agree with this statement or not we think if you want to see more of his dark and unexpected humor for yourself, you need to scroll down some more!


























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