Artist Made People Cry With Her Comics That Illustrates, How Your Dog Cares For You Even After He’s Gone (Part 2)


We all know that losing someone special is the hardest thing in the world. When they have fun together, they spend quality time together and go through all the good and bad together, but suddenly their other part disappears and leaves them alone to bear all the pain. It is the most difficult time in a person’s life.

Similarly, replacing a new pet with old ones cannot fill the void that our old companions created in our hearts. The reason is that we never get over the loss of our furry friend. And that’s why we never treat our new pet the same way we used to treat our old one. Because some things are irreplaceable.


We all know the artist Jenny, who always brings something new to spread awareness among the people. This time she continued with the old sequel where a boy had to put down his dog. And she can’t get over the loss of her dog. She creatively illustrated how a dog cares for his owner even after he is gone. If you haven’t seen part 1, here’s the link. Go ahead and take a look at the previous part of the sequel to understand it well.

Scroll down for part 2 of the emotional story of the dog owner and his dog who is no longer with him. I’m sure this will relate to you if you have ever euthanized your dog. Leave the photo of your dog that is no longer in the comments below.


Jenny has her own Instagram account where she keep update her fans with all of her latest comics. She has gain 533K Instagram followers. The numbers are increasing with each coming day.




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